Yoga for the Disenchanted

Enter Here, All Ye Who Are Disenchanted…

Welcome to Yoga for the Disenchanted!

This blog is for absolutely anyone who feels disenchanted about anything! Yoga or otherwise!

Wait, is that too broad a net to cast? Do I sound like a charlatan? Because honestly, I REALLY can’t stand charlatans (more on this in later posts).

But disenchantment is such a huge, heavy, permeating feeling, I’m sure we can all relate, whether we have ever stepped onto a yoga mat or not. If my disenchantment with yoga speaks to your disenchantment with something else, hooray!  I would seriously love nothing more than for our individual disenchantments to hold hands across the divide and give one another a little comfort.

But more specifically, I hope this blog will speak to fellow yoga teachers and practitioners who: 

Feel on the brink of burnout or who burned out years ago

Have been injured as a result from yoga and are struggling 

Desire a rational discourse on yoga-related topics that too often devolve into magical thinking and worse

Feel disenchanted with their yoga and want to understand why

I decided to start this blog as a chronicle of my own disenchantment with yoga and my journey of re-kindling the old flame of a practice I once loved.  To paraphrase one of my favorite writers, the psychologist M. Scott Peck, no matter who or what we fall in love with, sooner or later we are bound to fall out of love if the relationship lasts long enough.  Thankfully, the act of falling out of love, at least according to Peck, is actually the first step to really loving.

In 2019, I realized that I had fallen out of love with yoga. As a yoga teacher, I found myself at a crossroads. I couldn’t in good faith continue to teach a practice I was at odds with, but something in me just wouldn’t let it go. And then I started this blog. It began as an attempt to understand my own disenchantment and find a new way of understanding, practicing, and teaching yoga in a way that I could love again.

Since those days, something amazing has happened…I am no longer disenchanted! At least not with yoga. My disenchantment has given way to something so much better: curiosity.

I am still in the process of understanding my relationship with yoga and how it relates to so much else in my life. Honestly, I’ll probably be doing that until the end of my days. But until then, I would so very much love for you to join me in this process!

Let’s dive in.

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