Mundane Magic

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Two weeks ago, I taught my first in-person yoga class since March. It was outdoors, very spaced out, and in a word: sublime.

Quite simply, we were just a group of people, gathered in the grass beside the town recreation center, moving and breathing together. We weren’t doing anything fancy, no complicated poses or intricate sequencing. There was a parking lot to the left of us, the occasional car passing by, and at one point a very loud garbage truck backing up. Mundane for sure. And also, absolutely magical.

Ever since COVID, I have been keenly aware of how desperately I miss everyday social and physical contact with people. Hugs in particular, but also seeing people’s smiles, shaking hands, giving or receiving a simple pat on the arm. Prior to this whole fiasco, I hadn’t really given these small everyday occurrences too much thought. But I am so attuned to them now that I could cry just thinking about it. I really hope I don’t take them for granted once this nightmare is all over.

And truthfully, I had no idea how badly I missed teaching. That first class in so very long was incredibly grounding for me, so calming yet so uplifting. Unlike many of my colleagues, I have opted not to teach yoga remotely online, and I am curious as to whether I would have experienced this same thing had I made a different decision.

For now I am basking in the experience of being able to gather in person (albeit very spread out), connect with one another, and move together. Who knows how long it will last. The weather will change and who knows what else. But for now, I am so very grateful. And I feel so full.

I hope that you also can taste fullness today, finding connection and feeding your soul in whatever way you safely can. Lord knows that is not easy right now. But it is possible. And we all deserve it.

And with that, I am off to teach.

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