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Welcome to Yoga for the Disenchanted’s online store! Here you will find descriptions and links to things that I love and that make me feel less disenchanted about life, yoga, and the state of the world in general. Enjoy!


The Overstory, by Richard Powers is quite simply one of the best books I have ever read. It was recommended to me by my folks, and I cannot thank them enough. It has made me view the natural world and my place within it differently. Click here to purchase. I promise you will not regret it.

Late Migrations, by Margaret Renkl is another amazing recommendation from my parents. The artwork in it is as stunning as the prose. It so beautifully weaves the changing natural world into a lucid understanding of the past and present. And bonus points because Renkl is a fellow Tennessean. Click here to purchase. Holding this book is holding a work of art.

Joe Gawrys was my eleventh grade English and World Religions teacher. He is possibly the best teacher I have ever had, and it was actually in his class that I had my first introduction to yoga. He also introduced me to the ineffably beautiful poetry of Rumi. This book in particular has been a cornerstone in my life. Click here to purchase. And thank you so much, Mr. Gawrys. I know you are dancing with angels!

Rachel Zinman is another one of those teachers I am so blessed to have encountered. She was one of the leaders in my very first training a zillion years ago, and what I remember most about her then was her genuine and infectious excitement about yoga, particularly about svadhyaya or self-study. She also has a balanced view about managing health and medication, something rare in the yoga world. Get her book here. And thank you, Rachel for being such a supportive teacher and friend.

Things That Make My Body Feel Less Broken

My sweet, sweet sacral belt. How I love you so. So much in fact that I wrote an entire blog post about you! This bad boy is a God-send for anyone dealing with sacroiliac issues. I wear mine practically every time I take a group class, and it has helped me tremendously. To get your own, click here. Obviously, if you are having sacroiliac issues, go see your doctor. This will not heal you. But it may give you some comfort and support.

Calf compression sleeves are one of the newer additions to my array of sexy accessories. They are THE BOMB. I injured my calf a few years back, and one of the positives out of that whole experience was discovering these bad boys. They are fantastic both for practicing and teaching or when you just have a long day on your feet. Get yours here. And welcome to the club of prioritizing how you feel above your overall fashion choices! What with compressing my sacrum and now my calves, pretty soon I will need a full body compression suit just to leave the house.

Everything in this little kit is so helpful, especially for folks like me who have to be very careful about not overstretching. Often massage is the only way to get at some of my muscular tightness in a way that won’t irritate surrounding joints. The roller is especially amazing for the IT band, quads, and back, while sitting on either of those balls gets at the piriformis more specifically and safely than pigeon pose or similar “hip openers.” And the loop is great for tons of stuff including glutes and core which are key to managing sacral issues in the long term. And if none of those anatomical terms and yoga words make any sense, the big takeaway is that everything in this little kit makes me feel amazing. Highly recommend. Click here to get yours.

Things That Make Life Better

OMG The Panda Planner. I have struggled my entire life with planning and organization. I have also struggled with anxiety, and those two do not go well together. When I feel that my life is disorganized, it definitely triggers anxiety and the whole thing can devolve pretty quickly. Enter, the Panda! This is the first and only planner that has ever worked for me. It includes sections on gratitude, goals, and so much more. I never in a million years thought that I would be one to plug a planner of all things. But there you go. Life is full of surprises. Click here to get your Panda Planner and to feel more in control of your day and invested in your life.

I love growing things. I feel like I am participating in magic by watching seeds germinate and sprout. And then when I actually get to consume what I have grown? Well that is just sublime, and absolutely nothing makes me feel less disenchanted than that. Growing micro-greens on the kitchen counter is so fun and so easy, it feels like cheating. I love it; my children love it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the mini-greenhouse we use, and it has worked well. Click here to get yours, and participate in the mystery of growth and sustenance in a tangible life-affirming way. And for more inspiration about the poetry, power, and importance of seeds, read Seedtime, by Scott Chaskey.

In much the same way that I adore watching things grow, I am also awed by the way they break down. Worm composting is so fascinating, so beneficial, and so freaking beautiful. I know, I know, it’s worms, right? Isn’t beautiful a stretch? I promise that when you see how they function and the ecosystem they create, you will agree. And the very happy bi-product of it all is the most potent organic fertilizer in the world. So win win! Click here to get yours, and let the worm games begin. And if you need further proof as to why worms are incredible, can help many of the environmental issues created by humanity, and will most certainly outlast us by a long-shot, read The Earth Moved, by Amy Stewart.

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